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Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Deputy Andy Gutierrez led Savannah Martinez into the First Judicial District Court in October 2018. Martinez was in court again May 3 where she pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence and agreed to testify against the other defendants in the October 2018 shooting death of Cameron Martinez (no relation), that also wounded three other area teens.

Savannah Martinez will remain incarcerated until the trials of four other suspects in the 2018 murder of 18-year-old Cameron Martinez, no relation, conclude. The latest trial is set to take place this June. 

Savannah Martinez, who took a plea deal in May 2019, had her house arrest revoked due to two new violations of her conditions of release since her most recent brief detention in mid-December over a number of petty violations.

Savannah Martinez rode in one of the cars from which shooters killed Cameron Martinez and wounded three others in a purported case of mistaken identity. She admitted to helping to dispose of shell casings, pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence, and agreed to testify in the cases against alleged shooters Mark Hice, Axel Zamarron, and Anton Martinez, no relation, and driver Brittany Garcia.

GPS tracking showed in recent weeks Savannah Martinez made a nine-minute stop at a boat launch facility with restrooms on the way back from an approved trip to a medical marijuana dispensary in Taos, and that she went inside of a gas station where she had legal permission to pick up a child for her work in childcare, but not to go inside or near the pumps.

Robert Vigil of Human Resource Development Associates, the corrections service which monitored Savannah Martinez, said at a Jan. 10 hearing that he could not speak directly to the margin of error of the tracking devices they use, but it could be 10 yards. Vigil described Martinez’s compliance record as “checkered,” saying she had numerous previous violations relating to gas or food.

Prosecutors also called on the grandfather of the child Savannah Martinez said she was picking up at the gas station. He said his wife was caring for the child on the day in question, and that his daughter who has custody of the child did not get along with Savannah Martinez.

Under cross examination by defense attorney David Foster, the man said he was a close friend of Cameron Martinez’s father, as well as a previous employee.

Foster asked that Savannah Martinez be allowed to go back on strict house arrest, without the permission to travel for work and other purposes which she had at the time of the violations.

“The nature of these violations is surely not the gamut of ones that normally come before the court for (electronic monitoring) violations,” Foster said. “Usually it’s someone who’s cut off the bracelet, they’re testing positive, they got new charges.”

Judge Maria Sanchez-Gagne denied the request, citing her previous warnings to Martinez.

“I implore you to know that this would be your last chance and you assured me that this would not be happening again,” she said. “The court is concerned why you continue to defy the orders of the court and the orders of the (Human Resource Development Associates) knowing that your liberty is at stake.”

Despite her renewed incarceration, Martinez is still eligible to receive three years probation for the tampering with evidence charge after the other trials, as per her plea deal.

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