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    Santa Fe County will be making available next month the 336 recycle bins it has received from the Aluminum Company of America Recycle bin grant offered through the New Mexico Recycling Coalition

    Recycle bins will be available beginning April 19, on a first-come first-serve basis. Santa Fe County is offering two bins per household, one for glass (only) and the other for mixed containers which include plastics #1 and #2, junk mail, newspaper, office paper, aluminum cans, steel cans and corrugated cardboard.

    “In December 2009, the Board of County Commissioners amended the Solid Waste Ordinance to allow free recycling for County residents in hopes of increasing the recycling participation and encourage more diversion from the landfill,” County Solid Waste Manager Olivar Barela said.

    Providing free recycling bins is an excellent way to keep the recycling material separate from the regular household refuse and encourage recycling in every household.”

    Participants in the program must:

    • be a Santa Fe County Resident;

    • utilize one of the Santa Fe County Solid Waste Convenience Centers or the Rancho Viejo Recycle Center; and

    • complete and return a recycling questionnaire, that will be sent to anyone who picked up a bin three months after receiving the bin.

     The completed survey should be returned to: Santa Fe County; Attn: Solid Waste Section;

PO Box 276; Santa Fe, NM 87504.

    Anyone interested in receiving a free recycling bin, should contact Mia Barela at 992-3025 or, or visit

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