We, the inmates of the (Rio Arriba County Detention Center) write over concerns with the story titled “Expanded Testing Inside T.A. Jail.” This article is full of deceit and lies.

    The jail director (Darren DeYapp) tells the Rio Grande SUN he is giving cleaning supplies and soap (daily). We are lucky to get soap every other week.

    A guard is buying cleaning supplies out of her own pocket.

    The article also states there are three to five inmates per pod. Currently there are nine people in pod B-1 and as of July 22 there are seven people in pod B-2.

    The screening process for COVID-19 is not good. The inmates must quarantine for 14 days in A-pod upon arrival to the jail. There are 10 individual cells inside A-pod. Each inmate, by law, must get at least one hour per day out of their cells to shower, use the telephone and exercise. Then they are put back in their cells. This is done for 14 days and after the quarantine period is reached the inmate is then released into general population.

    This is definitely a big risk for all people housed in T.A. because people in quarantine are mixing with other inmates for that hour. To minimize the risk, A-pod should be properly sanitized and disinfected before and after each inmate is out of his/her room.

    How can the administration have someone who has been here 14 days and someone who’s been here three days in the same cell and/or unsanitized area and then put back into the free world and/or general population, possibly infecting numerous other people?

    The jail is not providing us with any cleaning supplies. If we do get supplies, that are not brought by a single guard, they have inmates clean. They should have professionals clean, or at least give inmates Personal Protective Equipment, while they clean.

    We want the truth to be known. We ask for cleaning supplies every day. We want this to be recorded so if we get sick, the jail and its administration will be at fault, so our families will also get compensation.

    Randy Romero, Chris Chacon, Angelo Moquino, Eric Herrera, Jonathon Avila, Gilbert Vigil, Brenton Rael, Michael Rivas and four other signatures that were not legible.

    (Editor’s note: the SUN welcomes a conversation with anyone inside the Detention Center who can describe conditions. 505-753-2126)

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