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    It’s been almost a year since various and sundry far left groups went to war with statues all over the country. Anyone counting statues, plaques, memorials and obelisks would probably say we’ve all fought to a draw.

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    It feels like supporters of New Mexico’s Healthy Workplaces Act are living in a different world, have no idea what it’s like to operate a small business in New Mexico and have tied rhetoric to perhaps big box store employee horror stories.

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    Reluctantly, painfully, every 10 years we suffer through politicians, lawyers and ultimately judge(s) deciding political election boundaries for house and senate seats and U.S. congressional districts. It takes almost two years, ends in court and no one is happy when it’s done, least of …

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    If you’re a restaurateur in Española, you’re either elated or furious. Consider Mayor Javier Sanchez, working to keep La Cocina operating, employees employed and paid and customers happy enough to return and spread the word about what a great job he and Phil Maestas are doing there. If P…

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     We’re at an important juncture regarding the education of the New Mexico's children. It’s early in the semester, we’re administering vaccines at a great pace and the infection rate is dropping at a nice pace.

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