The half page ad “Bothered by Beavers” in the Aug. 12 edition ignores the fact that the current management of beavers is and has worked well. Having spent the better part of my life studying, observing, trapping and using beavers I can speak from first-hand experience.

    The “control” devices I have seen installed work—sometimes. As far as “painting” trees to protect them from beavers I haven’t observed that but I have seen fencing used with some limited success initially but it needs maintenance and in deep snow are ineffective.

    Beavers are dynamic, ever changing and in the world we live in need lethal management along with protection. An under harvested population will degrade its habitat and cause more conflicts with people. I remove beavers every year from irrigation ditches, road culverts and private land. If left in irrigation ditches, they will compromise the ditch with their digging dens/refuge holes and plugging the headgates.

    A beaver pond is a wonderful, dynamic place full of a diverse mix of wildlife. We have these wonderful animals in abundance thanks to a sound management plan put into place by the NM Dept. of Game and Fish.

    Management needs more than a simplistic “one size fits all” approach.

    Tom Fisher

    Tierra Amarilla

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