Los Sombras Siete continue to disenfranchise Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative member-owners. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, or heard it all, these guys come up with another move to crush representation of members, this time in District 6.

    By not attending the membership meeting after polls closed June 26, Los Sombras disallowed a quorum of trustees, hence no vote could be taken to certify Bruce Duran as the winner (and only candidate) in District 6. That’s pretty shady. Two days later one of the Siete announced there would be no certification at the June 28 Board meeting either.

    It seems Los Sombras need to investigate and digest the basis of Duran’s unwelcomed alleged amorous advances toward a sales representative for a credit card merchant who wants the Jemez contract. Duran denied the allegations June 25 and further states the group’s co-owner Mike Filibeck tried to bribe him to get the contract.

    This is convenient and distills to he said, she said. In this case the truth probably doesn’t even lie in the middle. It’s in far left field.

    The Jemez Board of Trustees met Wednesday (7/3) afternoon and we would hope one of their overpaid lawyers would have the common decency to direct the foundering Los Sombras toward legal high ground. It’s wrong they’ve stolen members’ voices by taking Duran’s vote. It’s much worse that they won’t certify results of a democratically held election, conducted by a third party.

    If this continues much longer Duran needs to lawyer up before the annual meeting. Hopefully the state Attorney General is truly interested in Jemez’s current events also.

    We need a little light shined on Los Sombras.

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