Most people measure their lives on a sliding scale, hoping that when we die the good we’ve done will outweigh our misdeeds.

    Some of us have done awful things: arson, murder, rape, neglected children or spouses. Some of us are angelic, with a pilfered candy bar at age 8 the sole liability on our balance sheet of life.

    Those of us with higher functioning brains and a sense of right and wrong, take what we live through, learn from it and apply it to our lives so that we’re better people. A lot of us need to forgive ourselves or others for misdeeds in the past, regardless of their size or scope.

    Roger Montoya is such a person. In a bad financial situation 40 years ago, he made a poor decision and participated in two pornographic films. He said in an Oct. 5 statement he’s not proud of it and we’re pretty sure he wasn’t proud of it when he did it. We believe the morals and values he exhibits today are based on his life, including the ups and downs of life as a gay man in the 1970s and ‘80s when society was not OK with anyone being gay.

    Regular readers know of Montoya’s many victories for youth, underserved, homeless, addicted and down trodden individuals. He’s head and shoulders above the next most giving person in the Española Valley. But he’s not perfect. None of us are.

    Not surprisingly, it was a right wing propaganda website that disclosed Montoya’s brush with the porn industry. It was well-timed to hurt Montoya’s run for the open state House District 40 position. The Republican party went to work demanding Montoya step out of the race. We’re guessing all the Republicans calling for Montoya’s head have perfect pasts, have never erred or made a bad decision in life, never cheated on their spouses, cut corners to get to a goal faster, used someone unfairly or  shorted someone in a business deal.

    Montoya’s opponent Justin Salazar-Torres is nothing but class. Not only did he not jump on the Republican band wagon, he brushed aside Montoya’s current public relations problem.

    That’s what this is, a public relations problem. It’s not an ethics or morals issue, unless we’d all like to have our lives judged by one incident in our past, while blotting out who we are today and what we’ve done to help our fellow homo sapiens.

    We’ve all heard the adage that originates in the Bible about those among us without sin casting the first stone. We’ve also had our fill of ethics commissions populated by immoral or amoral politicians and people judging someone’s decades-old actions by today’s far right or progressive left standards.

    If those calling for Montoya’s head had half the accomplishments on their resume as he does, we’d listen to them for a minute as they demand his resignation. We would put Montoya’s resume against former U.S. Congressman Steve Pierce’s any day.

    Whether you’re a D or an R, please forgive Montoya his slight transgression and if he asks for your help in regard to any of his many active projects, please know your time or money will not be wasted. It will help people directly in your community, by someone who did a couple of porn films 40 years ago.

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