In a perfect world, certain local politicians would take notice of Laura Seeds’ trial for voter fraud. However, like almost every thief, many politicians maintain that mindset, “I won’t get caught.” Seeds surely had that thought more than once.

    Many voters remember the days of candidates carrying bundles of blank ballots in their cars as they went door to door “helping” people vote. The Seeds family has always had the reputation of excelling at such aid. This wasn’t their novel idea, it’s a learned behavior.

    As polls close each election night, there are watchers, polling location workers, volunteers and campaign workers who know the results immediately. While the electorate sits and waits for numbers to get uploaded to the Secretary of State’s website, losers went home at 7 p.m. (or earlier) to lick their wounds and winners moved to their victory parties, spouting promising clichés.

    How is that possible when the public doesn’t know the results yet? It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Enter election workers, poll watchers and campaign volunteers working the crowd.

    The most efficient way to get Rio Arriba County election results is for the politicians’ campaign workers to report the information to the Secretary of State. We’d all go home a lot earlier.

    Political races at the state and national level are won with money. County, city and school board races are mostly won with the early vote hustle. It’s simple math using numbers from past races. A review of past election results for the particular race a person is trying to win gives a very good average of the number of voters in that precinct or district. If there are two people in the race, you need more than half.

    To be safe, most politicians like to have a solid majority of the number needed to win, already voted before election day. For example Robert Seeds beat Cory Lewis by two votes (238-236). The Seeds machine brought in 92 early and absentee voters. Lewis knows how the game is played. He brought in 10.

    So Robert Seeds brought in 39 percent of his votes early, not quite enough to secure a solid victory. Seeds and Lewis combined, accounted for 64 percent of all early and absentee voting. That’s not fishy at all.

    One thing Seeds accomplished in her (still only alleged) forged signatures is driving home the point that every vote counts. We don’t know how many questionable votes the Seeds contingency brought to city hall or how many voters they “helped” and transported for early and election day voting. However, the results of that election must be questioned.

    And don’t despair for Lewis, he knows the same game just as well as Seeds. He didn’t play it as well or work as hard, that’s all.

    Just like the sad state of politics on the national level, the easiest fix is for voters to educate themselves and vote for candidates whose morals, ethics, vision and ideas will strengthen the community. Please stop voting for the person with a 10-dollar-bill, pint of booze or an already completed ballot for you to sign. Not only are you not helping, you’re making the community worse.

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