Last week, the New Mexico House Democrats elected Javier Martinez as speaker. He replaces Brian Egolf. Both are progressive politicians dedicated to leading the people of the land of enchantment into the age of enlightenment. 

Mr. Martinez is a proponent of the Green New Deal, abortion up-to-birth, favors illegal immigration and supports taking a knee to our National Anthem.

Though Reena Szczepanski has just been elected to the Legislature, she has been selected by House Democrats as majority whip. She formerly served as Brian Egolf’s chief of staff. Sounds to me like an inside pick and Egolf is really not retiring.

Like it or not, the progressives are firmly in charge.

What is a progressivism anyway? It is defined as a political movement that purports to advance the human condition through social reform, based on modern enlightenments in science, technology, economic development and social organization.  I would say, “social reorganization.”

Are all progressives Democrats?  No, Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt was a progressive Republican politician who gave us the Forest Service which without renumeration, stole hundreds of thousands of acres of forest lands from New Mexican land grant families and Native American reservations.

Woodrow Wilson was our 28th president and a progressive Democrat. A biographer, Kenneth O’Reilly noted in The Jim Crow Policies of Woodrow Wilson his time in office was one of unprecedented regression in regard to racial equality. In 1902, Wilson was selected as president of Princeton University. He invited the very prominent black educator and advisor to two presidents, Booker T. Washington to his installation ceremony, but would not allow him to stay with faculty members. 

Lyndon Johnson was another progressive Democrat president who gave us the “War on Poverty” which has caused the dissolution of many poor families because single mothers, without a husband in the house could receive government benefits larger than they could earn at work.

A goal of progressive politicians is government control over society in order to restructure society’s inequities for the greater good. Think the new fad of “inclusion” for the ninety-odd sexual identities and pronouns being imposed on society and the corporate world. All to make us better people.

As to advanced scientific enlightenment, think the “Green New Deal” and all it entails in the way of protecting our environment.  A worthy goal for sure, but at what price? 

Now to economic development: President Biden promised to end fossil fuels and along with John Kerry as our climate envoy, now wants to pay reparations to the poor countries for the damage, we have done them by burning fossil fuels.  That is what was decided at the recent UN climate summit in Egypt where our governor also attended. It is a complete shakedown to redistribute wealth to the lesser nations, but China is exempt from payments and they have more coal plants scheduled than we have in operation. Why is China exempt?  Ask Hunter and Joe Biden. Yes, President Biden and John Kerry are progressives.

Back to New Mexico and how all this affects us: The majority of New Mexicans are Democrats, but not progressives. Most of us are genuinely hard working, independent people. Yes, there are those among us who need Medicaid and other safety nets, but when government overreacts and shutters businesses and our governor won’t release her grip on the emergency health order and schools are closed, with students failing educationally, this is progressivism gone wrong.

Progressivism is really about power over the people. It is about control by the elite, enlightened few. It is not government of, by and for the people.

Tom Wright is a Santa Fe writer and investor in El Rito Media, LLC, owner of the Rio Grande Sun.


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