As I was leaving the Alcalde Post Office, I observed a long procession of vehicles being led by a New Mexico State Police car, with his lights on and then I saw the two school buses full of students, it occurred to me that this possibly was the young man who was cut down in the prime of his life. A feeling of sadness came over me.

    As a tear rolled down my face I thought, “What a waste. This young man, who was going to make something of his life, cut down by some thuggish wannabes.”

    Then I read about the ugly small-minded foolishness at the homecoming game. Let me say for all those who participated in those fights (parents, players and the students), all of you have made a mockery of that “Moment of Silence” for Cameron Martinez and you should be ashamed.

    How can we move forward if we insist on acting like a bunch of ignorant thugs? We have a new mayor who is trying to move us forward, a new police chief who is trying to get our police department out of the “dark ages,” a school board that is trying to get our students the tools they need and now this!

    Each and every player who participated in that madness should be suspended for the season. It’s called taking responsibility for your actions. A dark day for the valley indeed.

    Calvin Smith


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