I am disappointed at the Rio Grande Sun‘s endorsement of Mark Ronchetti for U.S. Senator.

    There is no good reason at all to send another Republican to the Senate. The Senate majority has not governed in an awfully long time. They have done plenty of ignoring the citizens and power grabs. They seem to think the constitution starts with “we the privileged few” or “we the businesses”.

    Since this might print after the election is decided I can admit that Ben Ray Lujan was not the candidate I wanted for Senate and I wish there had been some challengers in the primary. Lujan’s candidacy is a prime example of the Republican “money is speech” mantra.

    Hopefully, the Democrats have not shot themselves in the foot again. (Serna, Block.…).

    I do have to mention another especially important thing.

    The coverage by Arts Editor Robert Eckert of the painted crosswalks was so good and captivating. He nailed it when he used the fisheye lens to illustrate the M.C. Escher illustration. Well done.

    Harvey Morgan II

    Santa Fe

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