Thank you for printing the column from Harold Morgan (no relation) in the July 11 edition of the Rio Grande Sun. Indeed, it seems the thing U.S. Representative Ben Ray Lujan is good at is fund- raising. Yes, he has been alright in his elected position, but his true calling seems to be the urgent fundraiser.

    So, if he is really concerned about the governing process maybe he should stay put as the representative of the 3rd District and focus on fundraising for and convincing some of the presidential hopefuls to run for any Senate seat up for grabs in their state. Without changes in the Senate the games played during the Obama years will continue.

    Staying put would spare us from a crowded primary for his currently open seat. Think about one of the last really crowded primaries where Eric Serna, the most popular but not necessarily best candidate, ended up losing to Republican Bill Redmond.

    Harvey Morgan II

    Santa Fe

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northern mayhem

the editor has Lujan pegged right. He's all about whatever polosi wants, not what nortenos want and need. He rode in on dad's name and santa fe dems just love him. Can't figure out why. He doesn't do a dam thing for us. If he become s a senator, the whole state will suffer his inabilities, slow mind and greed. SOS has to beat him!


As a lifelong Democrat I promise Weak Sauce Lujan does not get my vote unless and until he supports impeachment. And Lujan is partially responsible for the DNCC robocalls I get on a daily basis. It’s impossible to stop them.

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