Will the real bigots please shut up. You are so offended by Rio Arriba County Commissioner James Martinez’s prayer before the Commissioners’ meetings that your intolerance of any Christian public expression is in full display. You are offended and hurt at what is to your own benefit.

    Mistakenly, you assume that because he prays Christian prayers he is not doing his job as a commissioner. You want him to leave his religion at the door? Your intolerance and bigotry has blinded you.

    Mr. Martinez is a kind and gentle man because of his Christian upbringing. He cares much for his community and is extremely diligent in carrying out his responsibilities to his constituents.

    Your offense at Christian prayer only reveals your true intolerance toward Christianity. You act as if praying is keeping him from doing his job. Well, the halls of our nation’s Congress still echo the prayers of the Christian men and women who prayed through and worked hard to build this nation.

    Shame on you. Your bigotry has blinded you. Enough of your public display of intolerance toward public Christian prayer. Ya basta.

    Pastor Michael Naranjo

    Rock Christian Church


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Keep your religion out of public affairs. You’re religions bigotry and homophobia don’t belong anywhere near public office. Separate the church and state. So how about YOU shut up?


C'mon now... that's a tired old canard. Nowhere in the constitution does it say anything at all about separating the Church and State... no really, it doesn't. Look it up. And so what if they opened a Commissioner's meeting with a prayer? That's not a bad thing, and as far as I'm concerned we could use a few more God-fearing men in public office right now, so your concern really baffles me. I've known the pastor a number of years and have sat through a sermon or two of his (as well as James'), and I can affirm with full conviction that I've never heard him preach anything resembling hatred. In fact, do you know how many wayward souls his programs have saved and kept from robbing your house? He gives his heart and soul to this community and doesn't deserve to be labeled with bigots and such, though a 'thank you' might be order. I don't agree 100% with everything Pastor Mike preaches, but ALL of it grounded in love. So how about YOU shut up?

Evil gringo

The American Taliban are offended that we are concerned that their whimsical applications of "morality " might come into question. Given the historic barbarism of the myth history that is religious thought it is well established that it has NO place in government.

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