In the hands of the wrong person, a firearm can be a dangerous weapon. Such persons should not possess firearms. If a crime is committed with a firearm then the perpetrator should never possess a firearm, ever.

    In the hands of the wrong person, a motor vehicle can be a dangerous weapon.

    Because a motor vehicle is used in a crime, or the operator has an accident, with DWI, that vehicle might be impounded and the driver not allowed to drive for some time.

    Because guns and motor vehicles can both be declared “dangerous weapons,” does that mean all vehicles must be confiscated, from everyone? Of course not. That would be punishing the 95 percent of drivers who drive safely, obey traffic laws, don’t drive intoxicated and don’t get into accidents.

    So why do the democrats wish to punish law-abiding citizens, who have committed no crimes, obeyed the laws, by confiscating our firearms or otherwise restricting and infringing upon our Second Amendment, Constitutional, rights to bear arms?

    Call your state representatives and tell them not to support HB7, the so-called “Red-Flag” law.

    Do not take away our Constitutional rights.

    Come November, remember how your representatives voted on this measure. Cast out of office those who want to take away your Constitutional rights. We do not want America to became like Venezuela.

    Jon Petersen


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Mr. Peterson

First this is not an infringement on your rights it is a temporary measure to a very narrow set of circumstances and a very narrow set of people. Download the bill online and read it, don't depend on conservative talk radio, etc., to inform you on the facts of this legislation.

The purpose of the legislation is pretty simple, to enhance the safety and security of of people, chiefly victims who are awaiting the disposition of a pending case, divorce or domestic violence or simply because they have a restraining order in place, agains their abuser. Did you know that if you are convicted of domestic violence that you cannot own a weapon? This law is part of that effort to ensure that during this pending disposition of the underlying criminal case or while this victim is trying to build a life away from their abuser that their safety and the public's is not further threatened. It's only a year and it's not permanent, so it's not the hysteria of cats and dogs living together---total mayhem that you essentially claim that it is. Don't you want women who are victims of domestic violence or trying to escape an abusive relationship to be safer? I do and you should to.


According to the Centers for Disease Control statistics, there have been over 630,000+ abortions per year dating back to the 1970s. Where is the outrage and calling for the confiscation of abortion doctor's instruments of death??? More people get killed in vehicle accidents as opposed to firearm deaths. Where is the call for vehicle confiscation??? This is nothing more than a power grab by the corrupt democrats in the state of NM and the nation. I urge every person to vote these democrats out of office in November. Stand up for your constitutional rights.

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