The majority of people living in New Mexico believe in the sanctity of life. Government’s role, in fact its duty, is to protect the individual’s natural given right to life.

    If this is true, why is our state known as the capital of late term abortion? Women from different states and countries come here to terminate in the ninth month of pregnancy.

    The Senate is reviewing House Bill 51 which repeals the Section 30-5-1 through 30-5-3 from the 1969 law that criminalizes abortion. Right now abortion is only justified in the cases of rape, incest or possible death or grave mental health to mother.

    The bill would remove the word “criminalize” before abortion from section of 30-5-3. This would make the state law consistent with Federal law under Roe v Wade which allows abortions up to the 12th week. However HB 51 would also allow an abortion in the second and third trimester when a baby is able to live outside the womb.

    A woman should have access to information and counseling to help her make the proper decision to continue the pregnancy or to abort. The majority of abortions performed are in the first trimester. However, once there is a heartbeat there is life and government must protect it.

    A late term abortion for any reason is detrimental to both mother and child. Imagine how agonizing it is for a woman to experience the heartbeat, and movement and then decide to abort in the ninth month?

    Sherry Quintero Morrison

    Santa Fe

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