The 2020 Legislative session starts in nine weeks and it is a budget session. I would like to be represented by someone ready right now to take care of the business of Senate District 6, a complicated and diverse four-county district.

    Roberto Gonzales is the best person to fill the vacancy left by the tragic death of Senator Carlos Cisneros. As vice-chair of House Appropriations and Finance Committee, Gonzales knows the whole state and the needs of communities state-wide. As a member of the Legislative Finance Committee he has worked all summer and fall on the budget, hearing from the cabinet, agencies and many members of the public.

    The process for picking legislators for open seats is not a fair for multi-county districts. Each county selects one name to advance to the Governor. District 6 reaches into four counties, but not equally. In 2016, 72 percemt of the votes for Distirct 6, came from Rio Arriba and Taos Counties with 28 percent of the votes coming from Santa Fe and Los Alamos.

    The Taos and Rio Arriba County Commissions selected Gonzales. Los Alamos and Santa Fe Counties selected Kristina Ortez. The unfair system created a 2-2 decision. In a fair electoral system, the votes would be weighted proportional to the population.

    I urge the governor to have population be a key factor and select the best candidate, who I believe is Gonzales.

    Carol Miller

    Ojo Sarco

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