It is critical that locals comment on Santa Fe and Carson national forest plans. The comment periods on the two forest plans close Nov. 7.

    It is vitally important that those living in or near the forest comment so local knowledge and perspectives are considered in the plans. These plans will affect communities and wildlife for years.

    Traditional and agricultural land uses, as well as recreation and wildlife, are all essential to New Mexico’s economy and quality of life. Forest plans need to balance these interests and must be informed by those most knowledgeable and directly affected.

    Find opportunities to comment on the websites for the Carson and Santa Fe national forests at and

    If you need assistance making a comment, please contact us at

    Lawrence Gallegos

    Western Landowners Alliance

    Santa Fe

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People of northern NM need to realize that all of their cultural practices contradict the left leaning democratic party that they vote for year after year. Soon the far left will demand for people to stop burning firewood to heat their homes, to stop hunting wildlife, to stop driving big fuel guzzling 4x4s and SUVs, to give up their second amendment rights and turn in your weapons.

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