Donald Trump has his wish. He is able to spend the lives of Americans the way the Czars of old spent the lives of their serfs.

    And not one person is trying to stop him. They are all huddled in their own little bailiwicks, afraid that he might aim an unflattering nickname in their direction.

    He cannot execute them. His only weapons are words. This is not Czarist Russia. It is the United States of America, governed by a Constitution and by laws enacted by the formerly august body of legislators in Congress.

    The greatest experiment in democracy is crumbling under the rule of one man - one who is not firing on all cylinders to boot. And no one in the entire country has the cojones to even try to stop him.

    In the words of William Bendix in “The Life of Riley”: “What a revoltin’ development this is!”

    Adele E. Zimmermann


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