I’ve been a New Mexico resident my entire life. It hurts me to see how in the last few years homelessness has become rampant, with hardly any resources to help.

    Hunger in this day and age shouldn’t be an issue. Imagine the revenue our local casino’s make, or how much money individuals give away to a machine.

    I have also noticed that on any highway or back country road, there are thousands of fruit trees that simply go to waste. I am writing this in the hope that someone who has the logistical skills, who will also be motivated to assist me in speaking to local residents who own fruit trees and gardens and organizing a harvesting project that we can then use to offer people for free.

    Schools often campaign for better eating habits. Why can’t some of this fruit then be delivered to schools, which could use it as a healthy snack? It would also be a way for hungry people to be given fresh produce with no strings attached.

    There is too much waste and we can do a lot if we come together to help one another. Tons of fruit and produce just shouldn’t rot on the ground while people are hungry.

    I hope this sparks people’s heart and motivates them to help me do something good for our community. I have the ideas and know what it’ll take. I simply need help from others since it’s too big for one person to accomplish.

    We can make our community better, it simply takes the ganas and corazon to do it.

    Liza Garcia


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