In lieu of the court dismissing the charges against the rogue trapper for illegally trapping in the Santa Cruz Lake Recreation area, myself and the New Mexico Trapping Association Board of directors would like to let you know our feelings on this.

    We never have and never will condone illegal or unethical trapping. The 99 percent of legal trappers in New Mexico have suffered greatly because of the 1 percent of people who have no regard for ethics, laws or the well being of furbearers in our state.

    We are very disappointed in the dismissal of these charges and once again we are the ones to suffer. The Association has strongly encouraged the New Mexico Game Commission to direct the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish to aggressively pursue refiling charges and seek a successful prosecution of this case.

    Below I have written our expectation of members, which is written on every membership form and is on our website.

    Our motto “Promoting wise use of our natural resources “ is on our banners.

    “The (Association) expects its members to be: lawful, always following New Mexico trapping statutes and rules; respectful/thoughtful of other trappers, users and landowners; and ever diligent in improving their equipment and techniques to ensure the ethical capture, treatment and/or dispatch of the animals they encounter on the trapline.”

    Chance Thedford

    Las Cruces

    President NMTA

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