I want to urge members of the Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative to assert their shareholder status by voting in the current election.

    Send a message to our “Trustees,” we are fed up. They have gone too far with their indignant attitudes toward those they claim to serve, as they have made it very clear they are not beholden to us at all.

    I remind the members of the District 6 election two years ago, for which I was a candidate, where there was clear evidence of rigging. At 6:59 p.m. my watcher noted the tally as an even number. According to the results, I “lost” by one vote.

    Notorious officials both in the Española and Pojoaque valleys were witnessed bragging that the reason Leo Marquez won was because they voted multiple times. Members were turned away under the guise of the wrong district election location.

    I submitted a letter requesting the printout from the voting machine and the voting ledgers. It was denied. Another concerned member requested this some weeks later only to be told it had been destroyed.

    Now we hear Marquez claiming he won because the members wanted it. That myth could have been proven were it not for the destruction of the information. The election was run contrary to both bylaws and policy. There’s no reason to believe it will not happen this time but getting to the polls will show we are serious. It’s time to take back our Co-op and this is the first step.

    Marcie Martinez

    Santa Cruz

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