This is in response to Rep. Susan Herrera’s commentary. Herrera claims that she spoke to 20 of the 25 precinct chairs in her district. I am a precinct chair in her district and she never reached out to me to ask if I would support her endorsements. I would have told her that I definitely do not support her endorsements.

    Herrera endorses Roger Montoya for District 40 State Representative and touts that Roger is a CNN hero. She asks us to imagine a CNN hero in the legislature.

    I ask her to imagine a veteran in the legislature, namely Mr. Matthew Gonzales, who served tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Mr. Gonzales volunteered to serve his country and to protect the constitutional rights of all American citizens.

    Matthew does not seek any glory for his acts of courage, he just humbly asks for your vote to represent all of us in the legislature. After serving his country, Mr. Gonzales returned to his community to successfully repair financial problems for the village of Cimarron, to be elected to the Village Council and to the Cimarron Public School Board of Education.

    This lets us know that he has public service experience and will represent us well.

    In her senate endorsement, Herrera states that seniority and experience shouldn’t matter. Sen. Richard Martinez passed more bills in the last legislative session than Herrera and Rio Arriba County Commissioner Leo Jaramillo combined have done in last two years in their respective positions.

    A demonstrated track record does matter. Experiencia cuenta!

    Joe Salazar



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