The Rio Grande SUN ran a front-page article Dec. 3 informing the public that soon Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative would have a new general manager. Our worst fears were materializing right before our eyes as the members/owners/ratepayers looked on helplessly.

    For many of us this putrid bit of information was not really “news.” We knew from experience that the entrenched leadership at the Co-op would be capitalizing on the distractions brought on by the pandemic to further solidifying their stranglehold of our coop. We knew well that what was now being made public was simply what had been methodically negotiated and secretly agreed to by those in control and that going forward the rest of us would have to simply pay our monthly bills, shut up, and learn to live with what had been decided for us. It all looked like a done deal, the fix was in, the movida had worked to perfection.

    Just when we thought our Christmas stockings would hold nothing but lumps of coal, unexpected but absolutely definitive re-alignment occurred. The play-maker jumped the gun. A recruit wavered. A stalwart defected and the entire cabal unraveled and implodesd.

    Now everything starts to look much more promising. The membership can exhale and dream of sugar plums.

    In recent weeks we have learned, again courtesy of the SUN, of two very significant and most welcomed developments at the Co-op. First, we were informed that a woman, Marissa Maestas Mueller, who is characterized as non-political, thoughtful, intelligent and successful, had been chosen as the at-large trustee.

    This may well be the first time in Co-op’s history that a woman has been selected as the at-large member and also this might be the first time that this eleven-member boards is graced by two women at the same time. But wait, it get even better, last week as we were thanking our lucky stars, we were informed that the entrenched board majority had miraculously been “flipped,” deposed, sent packing.

    These two golden strokes of fortune were almost unbelievable and beyond comprehension, even during this season of good tidings. Let us rejoice, let us enjoy those sugar plums and let us be mindful that in the spring of 2021 there will be board elections at the Co-op. Then we can further improve on our good fortune.

    Luis Torres

    San Pedro

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