With the stealthy and rapid roll out of 5G technology, soon the American people and every living creature worldwide, will be unknowingly involved in the most dangerous experiment in history. We’ll be bathed in frequencies sentient life forms have not previously been exposed to, frequencies we did not evolve with.

    The millions of new small cell towers will be placed in every neighborhood very close together, with plans of also putting them in space. The goal is to seamlessly encircle the entire planet in this fog of high frequency radio waves.

    What do we get? Faster internet speeds and “smart” homes, with all our electronic gadgets connected to each other. What we will also get is increased cancer rates and other serious ailments, and whatever yet unknown disasters may arise for ourselves, other life forms and the planet.

    Research on safety has not been done. We need to act now.

    Bette Andresen

    Ojo Caliente

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Scare stories make for popular headlines. Where is your data to backup this article?

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