There are few leaders who have the ability to transform vision into reality and Española Mayor Javier Sanchez is one of those rare individuals.

    For many years, he has always displayed the utmost integrity, honesty, selflessness, decisiveness, and perseverance. He has moved forward on myriad issues important to the city of Española despite the obstacles in his path. Mayor Sanchez is a courageous person who is not afraid of tackling major issues regardless of the political implications involved. This is true character.

    During his tenure as mayor, Javier has been able to secure over a million dollars in federal grants for public safety to hire and train officers thereby enhancing the security of the city. He made a sizeable investment of more than $8.5 million to improve parks and fire stations in order to make Española a more progressive area.

    Unlike many of his predecessors, he has achieved a balanced budget for four consecutive years. Interestingly, he also negotiated an easement settlement with Ohkay Owingeh after 20 years of gridlock. The mayor also made it a point to distribute a significant number of meals to seniors in need during the Covid pandemic. Not long ago, Javier retained the national guard armory and converted it into a money-making distribution center.

    Now that he is seeking re-election, the people of Española have to ask themselves if the city should continue to make advances under his leadership. In my opinion, the answer is obvious: affirmative.

    Michael Vigil


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That's all he's done? Española has nothing to show for it. Just more police bootlicking and an disgusting approved police state while the city regresses on a whole

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