The recent editorial on obsession in this country’s news media over white women who have gone missing was one of the very best I’ve seen in the many years I’ve been reading the Rio Grande SUN.

    Women of color are reported missing on a regular basis and rarely does that seem to get the attention of the media. Likewise, if men go missing it’s not an event and even when boys are reported missing, the media coverage is usually (not always) minimal. Whether you support the Black Lives Matter movement or you like “All lives matter” as a slogan, the coverage given is nothing short of racist.

    Here in New Mexico, there has long been a major issue of Indian women who have gone missing and it has been ignored by the media. If all lives matter, then the disparate treatment on cable news over the latest missing white woman has been absurd.

    Good job by the SUN.

    Richard Rosenstock

    Santa Fe

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