Our government has told us not to panic regarding the new variant of the COVID-19 virus. However, it seems our government does nothing but panic.

    Once again they institute draconian mask mandates, that are unproven to prevent the spread of COVID. Common sense, says if it worked there would be very few cases nation wide.

    Rio Arriba County cases equal less than .001 of our population, yet on Dec. 16 Walmart, was limiting the number of shoppers, creating a long line of people standing in the cold. I am certain that this is another imposition by the incompetent leadership of our County Health Department.

    I am fully vaccinated and encourage all to do the same. Seventy-five percent of our state is fully vaccinated., Over 87 percent have received at least one dose. These are Dec. 16 statistics from the National Health Institute.

    Stop the panic, either the vaccine works or it does not. I believe it does, and the fully vaccinated do not need masks for protection, nor do we need to limit the number of persons in gathering places.

    Michael Miller


    (Editor’s note: Mr. Miller’s recommendation to not wear masks, nor limit the number of people gathering goes against CDC and state health guidelines.)

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Shame on the Sun for spreading this misinformation. Your disclaimer at the bottom doesn’t make up for spreading lies

Spear that fish all fierce

GGAllin: really??? Don’t Karen out, bruh…

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