Calm down, Española. Sticks and stones, remember?

    Whether you loathe or love Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham, we all must admit New Mexico, under her guidance has done a pretty good job slowing infections, decreasing hospitalizations and lowering the death count for the virus crisis.

    Her unwarranted bad-mouthing of Española prompted by her Aug. 19 drive-through should not ruffle feathers, nor warrant a second thought.

    Rio Arriba County is a bright spot in the fight against the virus, the Española Valley even more so. The County of 29,000 has about 353 positive cases. That’s a 1.2 percent infection rate, far below most New Mexico counties and most states. Keep in mind that’s total cases since late March, when tracking began.

    We question the media keeping track of total cases. Except for 12 deaths, the remaining 341 people recovered and moved on. Someone who had the virus in April and recovered should not enter into our infection rates now, today.

    The 87532-zip code has had 46 infections since March. The state’s Public Health Department’s website places almost 30,000 people in that zip code. That’s a .15 percent infection rate or a rate of 4.5 people per 100,000.

    That means if you used that infection rate on Albuquerque, that city would have 32 infected people instead of the roughly 6,000 they have.

    Statistics and lying numbers aside, we are doing great. The Española Valley is a very safe place to be right now. We didn’t earn those numbers by not wearing masks. The proof is in the numbers, not a stray observation by someone in a car.

    Surely everyone in Española has the same experiences with masks. Almost everyone wears one in public. It’s rare to see someone unmasked in a store. We even see homeless people wearing them or carrying them, preparing to go into a public place.

    We can’t account for what the governor saw Aug. 19. We also don’t care what she saw or didn’t. No one else should care either.

    We all know what we’re doing. Españolans are living it every day. Masks are being worn. Most people are keeping properly separated. If we weren’t following the governor’s edicts we would have a huge infection rates and a much higher number of deaths.

    Don’t worry about what politicians say and don’t say. Most everything that comes out of their mouths is for their political benefit or just so they can hear their own voices.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Española.

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I agree, it was arrogant to make such a quick comment, but she did apologize. I'm surprised that she didn't comment on the large number of panhandlers at every stop light or the amount of homeless/drug abusers walking up and down N Riverside Drive, or possibly the vagrants walking up to people in the private and public parking lots. Thats way more obvious than people without masks. Reals problems here in this city and praising the Mayor for attacking Governor MLG shouldn't take the focus off the real issues.


I agree, MLG is using political science to make herself feel Como La Rena. No data has been presented to the public. She drives through and make a statement like she did is very arrogant to say the least.

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