Extreme weather events have been giving us just a taste of things to come with regard to climate change, from the 120 degree heat wave in Australia, to -70 cold spells sweeping through the midwest in the polar vortex.

    Over the past decade, hurricanes of unprecedented power and unnerving frequency have left a swath of suffering in their wake.

    The polar ice is retreating, and seas are rising.

    Climate change is beginning to be felt. If we want our children to grow up to share our beautiful earth as we have known it, we have to become part of the solution and stop being such a shameful weight on the rest of the world.

    The Green New Deal gives America such an opportunity, and at the same time will recharge the American workforce and economy with a sustainable future. Its time is now.

    Bette Korber

    Santa Fe

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While proper stewardship and care of our planet is important, the Green New Deal is just another ploy by the dangerous left wing socialists to have the government regulate our lives. Giving arrogant house democrats ocasio-cortez and (anti-Semitic), Ilhan Omar a platform is dangerous to our country. Not only does the Green New deal not make sense logically, but it totally has no economic leg to stand on. Please use common sense and help end socialism.

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