What are they thinking? In a few weeks, New Mexico’s number of new COVID-19 cases has gone from declining to increasing by up to 50 percent.

    Maybe they (non-mask wearers) don’t realize their desire to be free from “restraints” will end up affecting others, not just themselves. They are selfishly exposing all of the people around them to sickness (sometimes with lifetime disabilities) and death. This includes friends and family.

    Their childish rebellion will ultimately lead another strict lockdown. Restaurants, bars, gyms, barbers and hair salons, malls, stores and schools will be forced to close. New Mexico’s economy will tank. People will lose their health care and their homes. Children will go hungry and uneducated.

    Have a clue. You think that because Donald Trump doesn’t wear a mask, it is safe for you? He is surrounded by people required to wear masks and be tested daily for the virus. Are you?

    Adele E. Zimmermann


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Well said! Each time the State eases on restrictions, the numbers soar. I have a feeling this is what it will be like for each holiday coming up because people will not take caution because of false Republican feedback. Wear the mask, its a sign of respect. If you are really the caring people that you say you are, you will do it.

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