Don’t throw rocks when sitting in a glass house. Rio Arriba County officials are part of government. They have input, work for us, explain special needs we have, just don’t make it always against someone else. Had enough of that in recent years.

    The term “land grab” is introduced by a far right political Texan organization, the American Stewards of Liberty, who have very different goals than democracy preserving, community oriented Americans.

    Who is actually “grabbing land” in New Mexico? It’s mostly Texans. Their hunting ranches cater and lodge without our community benefiting much. Evidently they aren’t here to contribute much.

    Ms. (Lucia) Sanchez comments about trashing and managing public lands is somewhat misleading. It’s not the federal or state government trashing public lands. It’s locals, residents, decades of their unopposed habits. It’s waste management without a plan or vision.

    If Mr. (Moises) Morales wishes to dwell in the past, he should be made to go a step further back to time when “land was really grabbed” and injustices happened. How many Native Americans died of broken hearts or worse?

    Sharing this continent, this planet and preserving it for future generations should be our and governments’ responsibility. Therefore protecting air, water and land from abuse is a far more worthy cause than momentary financial gain for some.

    Birgit McGaughey

    Los Ojos

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