What kind of people throw kittens onto the road to get rid of them? I passed three dead kittens in various states of dismemberment and death on U.S. 285/68 just around the corner from the Española shelter the morning of July 30.

    There’s no way they wandered off from somewhere. Someone deliberately threw them onto the road so they would die horribly.

    All these people, these horrible people, had to do was put them in a box with holes in it with food and water and put them in the night drop at the shelter, just around the corner from where these little sentient beings lost their lives.

    If there’s anyone who knows who these people are you need to take a good look at them and maybe question why you are friends with them or what’s wrong with them.

    Maggie Towne


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Evil gringo

You could call animal control but that guy won't do squat. Lazy, useless guy that he is. He refuses to enforce cruelty, rabies vaccines and pretty much everything else. Speaks volumes about the area sadly.

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