Where is the justice in this county? It has been over six months since my daughter Davina Archuleta was hit and killed by a vehicle.

    The person who did this has not been charged with anything. I have seen where people have been charged and fined for hitting a cow and here he killed my daughter and has not been charged. Isn’t this called vehicular manslaughter?

    David Garcia Jr. turned himself in the next day. Isn’t this leaving the scene of an accident?

    He told police he thought he hit a deer. Since when are there deer in Hernandez?

    He was not given a Breathalyzer test, nor a blood alcohol content test.

    It appeared like the sheriff deputies felt sorry for him. Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Office Major Randy Sanches is quoted in a Rio Grande SUN article as saying “I feel horrible for the guy.” What about my daughter? What about my family?

    It has been so frustrating to be asked, “What did they do to the guy that killed your daughter?” All I can say is “Nothing.”

    I understand it takes time to check out the evidence but come on, over six months? My daughter was a bright and beautiful girl, with a future ahead of her in college.

    This incident happened Aug. 10, 2018. Her name was Davina Archuleta. She was loved by a lot of people. But her death has not been justified. Her life is worth more than any animal. Let there be justice for Davina Archuleta.

    Cecilia Garcia


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I'm sending positive vibes to you and your family. It's a shame the lack of professionalism that comes out of the prosecutor's office.

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