I agree with Shel Neymark’s letter regarding Rio Arriba County Commissioner James Martinez praying before the County Commission meetings. It’s in our Constitution, therefore unconstitutional to bring religion into any government setting. It is therefore illegal.

    I would also like to remind the community that the state of New Mexico is anywhere from 75 to 80 percent Jewish. Most of the Spanish coming to the new World with Columbus were Jews and Moors, escaping the Spanish Inquisition.

    The code for the Jews was having your last name end in ez or z, as opposed to es. Names such as Martinez, Valdez, Diaz. It stands for “Eres Zion,” which means “of/or from Zion” or “from the land of Jerusalem, Israel.” Rael is short for Is-rael, Lucero is “the light,” except for some people in the Valley whose name is descended from a French, Jewish man who changed his name.

    I do not remember all the names and codes but these Jews had to hide their religion in fear of persecution. They are called Crypto Jews or Conversos.

    The Spanish killed and tortured Jews, Moors and natives all over the world, forcing them to become Catholic. I know of no other religion that kills, tortures or forces others to become their religion, for any reason.

    One’s relationship with the Almighty is private, personal and divine, and belongs in the sanctity of your heart, your home or place of worship. You should keep it to yourself, and stop pushing it on me, which is what I feel like is happening here.

    It makes me want to push back. This is how wars are started. How many religious wars have there been? How many more will there be, because someone thinks their religion is “the only way?”

    I believe live and let live. There are many paths to the One Truth. Do not judge, lest ye be judged.

    Religion is personal and private and should be kept that way. Legally. Constitutionally. Out of government or any gathering outside your home or place of worship.

    Helene Berg


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Live and let live, eh Chica? Sounds good. Unless they start praying outside their homes, and then you feel like it's being pushed on you, right? Then it's quite possible they could start a war! Whatever. There's nothing in the constitution that says we have to be a secular society or it's illegal... the establishment clause of the first amendment forbids congress from creating a State religion, and the free exercise clause allows the citizens the freedom OF religion, not FROM religion, though they can also choose to have NO religion. That's the funny thing with freedom... you can do whatever you want within the established norms, but it also allows your neighbor to do whatever they want within the established norms, too! But this grows tiresome... you're free to be offended by whatever you feel it's best to be offended by this week. May blessing follow you the rest of your days, Helene.

And you did pique my interest with those Jewish stories and I'll definitely be reading more about that... thanks! Shalom! Or As-salamu alaykum! Or just be well...

Evil gringo

It actually has long been interpreted as freedom from it for a vety long time. Just religious nutters insist otherwise

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