Six weeks ago ice-covered Antarctica reported a record-breaking temperature of 65 degrees.

    Last summer, also a record-breaker, the Greenland ice sheet was melting at the equivalent of 2,000 elephants every second.

    So when I read that we taxpayers were spending $2 million to extend a natural gas pipeline from Chama to Tierra Amarilla, I thought, ‘This does not make any sense.’ It’s a $2 million tax subsidy to the fossil fuel industry, when in fact, we have to stop using fossil fuels.

    For that $2 million, Tierra Amarilla could construct a 1 megawatt solar array and install electrically-fed heat pumps, thus reducing their climate catastrophe fossil fuel footprint and help ensure a future.

    As a state, we must decide to switch our electrical production from fossil fuels, coal and gas, to renewable, wind and solar. Spending $2 million to extend a natural gas pipeline, a stranded asset, is not prudent.

    Ward McCartney III


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Mr. McCarthny for let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you realize the need that natural gas has some of the lost emissions of any fossil fuel? It’s clean burning, reliable and affordable. What do you heat your home with? What heats your water for your shower. If you are using natural gas for one your a hypocrite and secondly you should build our own wind farm and solar array on your place of residence. The community of Tierra Amarilla and surrounding communities will benefit greatly from this pipeline providing them with affordable, safe and reliable energy source for generations to come. You obviously are far left wing radical who supports the communist green new deal. What don’t you take your socialist ideas and move to either California or New York where you belong TRUMP 2020 MAGA!!!

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