In his first official act after taking the oath of office, President Barak Obama issued a proclamation calling on all Americans to serve one another. The common purpose remaking this nation for our new century.

    Schools don’t have to wait to build on community involvements already established. Schools can engage community resources that benefit students, their families, schools, and neighborhoods. Schools must be seen as an integral part of the community, outreaching to create, maintain mutual benefit linkages and collaborations, strengthening students, schools, families, and neighborhoods.

    It is a truism that “learning is neither limited to what is formally taught nor to time spent in the classrooms. It occurs whenever and wherever the learner interacts with the surrounding environment.”

    Anyone in the community who wants to facilitate learning is a teacher. The superintendent is charged with heading the district, be part of a team creating mechanisms enhancing collaborations, clarify resources available, organized to work together with resource usefulness. He must understand and respect this community, work through formal efforts creating school-community collaboration to improve schools-neighborhoods, involve building formal relationships connecting resources in preK-12 schooling and resources in the community.

    The pandemic has made us resourceful, and yet our children are at severe risk by Rio Arriba County placing a drug abuse program next door to Fairview Elementary School, a thoughtless action, politics and money before our children. The superintendent is expected to protect our children through legal means, multiple appropriate, and transparent measures.

    Dennis Galvan


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