I am a member of the Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative.

    Some years ago I had a fairly large solar array installed, which was quite expensive. I recently received a letter from the Co-op telling me the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission has approved Jemez Co-op applying a rider charge “regardless of which direction the energy is flowing.”

    That means if I use more energy than my solar system provides, I pay a rider charge. However, if I use less and thereby provide energy back to the Co-op’s power grid, I will also be charged a rider fee.

    This especially hits home because, as your article “Solar Loans for Co-op Members” states, “The

Co-op acquires it (power from those of us with solar systems) for much cheaper than the power it buys from Tri-State, once Tri-State credits the Co-op.”

    In addition, I am charged about $16 per month to use the grid, again regardless of the power flow. The letter I received also mentions something about a “monthly customer charge of $5 per month (sic) for net meter consumers.” No one I have spoken to at Jemez has been able to tell me exactly what that means. Will I have to pay $5 in addition to the $16 or about $21 per month to provide electricity to Jemez?

    I wonder how much Tri-State pays the Co-op so it can provide them with power. Just joking about that.

    I think I should petition the Commission for a rate increase to cover my increased cost of providing Jemez Mountains Electric Co-op with power.

    Sue Noel


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Dave Neal here. Please email your contact info ... email addr or phone number ... to losneals@gmail.com as my wife and I have had some experience in dealing with JMEC and the NM PRC.

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