When I heard the statue of Juan de Oñate was removed my first question was, “Who authorized it?”

    Rio Arriba County Manager Tomas Campos states he “made an executive decision” for its “protection”. Purportedly he was saving thousands of dollars in the event protesters rumored to be planning to “take it down” damaged it.

    The excuse of cost efficiency is untenable. County workers took several hours, with several deputy sheriffs on standby, during its removal. The public, which funds the County, was blocked from entering public property when later the same day a group of outsiders was allowed entrance to defile the base of the monument while holding speeches inciting division.

    I expressed to Campos it would be more cost effective to post deputies to protect the statue and arrest anyone attempting to damage public property, which is a crime. This is, after all, the law.

    Instead the County chose to bypass the democratic process and now expects that process to be used to replace the statue. Revising history is a slippery slope, which has been used by every communist regime.

    By not following American law and order we teeter dangerously toward anarchy, as is currently taking place in Seattle.

    There should have been a call for public input from taxpaying residents and a vote by the commission before the removal. The County already has serious issues and just took an action that exemplified the dysfunction. People should be fired and a complete investigation should be conducted into this illegal action.

    Marcie Martinez

    Santa Cruz

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Didn’t know there was so many people out from where I’m from so upset about a statute being removed it’s not the first time and it won’t be last hahaha. I’m a proud Hispanic and proud of my culture in some ways but this right here with all these articles about being about the statue oh you should be fired omg it’s a dam statue get over it. If you care so much for it put it in your dam yard. Let me tell you something maybe you should find the time for something that really matters in your life instead you want to cry about this Ha ok your another Karen just complaining. And the only anarchy I see here is the community I come from act like little kids you need to realize what your priorities are but I guess your like every other person that wants to cry about something stupid like I said to the other articles on this site “ok Karen get a grip and grow up” but maybe your just as squared minded as the rest of them and don’t thick outside the box hahahhaah but whatever you can’t teach an old dog new tricks you have a wonderful day maybe you can find something else to cry and complain about down there oh and by the way I’m from Santa Cruz and I love where I come from but it’s people like you that make it uncomfortable


Apparently you didn't read the letter. One cannot have an intelligent discussion/debate with you if you don't understand the point of the letter.


Like I said grow up get a grip and complain about things that do matter.

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