I thank the Rio Grande SUN for publishing Merilee Dannermann’s column, “Minimum Wage Increase May Be Too Much for Some Businesses.”

    It is a well presented argument, one that I hope was presented at the legislative hearings, along with all the “we deserve, they deserve” canards. I hope someone represents the argument that the marketplace is where supply and demand are sorted, not mandated by a bunch of virtue signaling politicians who have never had an anxiety attack at 2 a.m. because payroll or taxes are due that day and there are not enough resources to cover those obligations.

    Our “representatives” are all in campaigning for their offices but when it comes time to gather input on positions that may have catastrophic unintended consequences, they are nowhere to be found, except by those chosen few who echo their party position.

    The supply and demand argument needs to be considered by another letter writer, Bette Korber, of Santa Fe. She took the position that government should, with all its “wizards of smart,” mandate step-by-step how we all should live our lives as subjects, not citizens.

    The world is full of very smart people, one of whom will invent the next light bulb and change how we do things forever. Never offer to give up your freedom for some political argument that will change as soon as there is no more juice to come from the fruit.

    Check out global cooling in the 1970s, as we enter the next ice age. The world will run out of oil in the next five years. You can fill in the rest with your own example of “follow me off the cliff, but leave your wallet with me for safe keeping.”

    Roadrunner wins again.

    Richard Beaudoin


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