I am compelled to provide corrections to several errors and inaccuracies concerning Darrin’s Place that appeared in last week’s article “Española School Board Not Happy With Security Needs.” (Rio Grande SUN, Aug. 12 page A1)

    First, there is virtually no foot traffic to or from our property which is surrounded by an 8-foot wall. There has also never been any gathering of people in connection with our facility. It seems that Board members may have heard about activities related to the tent city growing on vacant property to the North of Fairview Elementary and incorrectly associated them with Darrin’s Place.

    Board President Gilbert Serrano’s comments about our security team probably numbering just 1 person is grossly inaccurate and inappropriate. We have 14 security staff who provide 24/7 coverage of our facility and have all completed multiple courses specific to the needs of a behavioral health operation.

    There have been zero negative interactions between our clients and members of the surrounding neighborhood or nearby school in the year since we opened, an enviable track record which can be confirmed by the Española Police Department. It is disappointing that members of the School Board would make comments to the media without taking even a few minutes to contact us or check their facts.

    Darrin’s Place employs over 70 people, provides much-needed behavioral health services and has been a responsible member of the community. We have widespread support throughout the region and look forward to serving our clients for many years to come.

    Jeff Lymburner

    Vice President and COO

    Darrin’s Place

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