I was in Santa Cruz Country Store on Sunday. There were four customers ahead of me and then a young couple came up behind me who wanted to get close to me. I asked them to please back up to six feet, however, the girl looked at me like I was a stupid idiot and would not back up. I continued to insist and she continued to not move.

    He said he didn’t care if he got the virus. I said then stay away from me.

    The cashier was even rude. They all laughed as I left.

    How are we, as a community, to fight this COVID-19 virus if we have rude, inconsiderate, selfish, ignorant, irresponsible immature kids and older people with attitudes like this.

    I should not have had to fight for my six feet of safety. There was room for them to back up. Those incredibly rude kids at the Country Store may not be serious with this deadly virus or care about others, but they are surely going to be responsible for infecting their loved ones and some are most definitely going to die.

    Laura Maxwell


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If others do not respect your space, you should have taken action and left the store. You can not control what others do or think, you can only control your own thoughts and actions. If I had those same concerns, I would have left the store and gone elsewhere.

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