As a proud Hispanic resident of Rio Arriba County, I find the removal of the Don Juan de Oñate statue disturbing, offensive and an attempt to change our cultural history.

    For years the Española Valley has celebrated its annual Oñate Fiesta. In no way have they disrespected the natives.

    The suggestion that Oñate committed atrocities to natives is unverified. If we are to believe some historical accounts, natives raided, harmed, killed and took captive Spanish settlement family members.

    My biggest disgust is that our own Hispanic members are the ones leading this effort to appease the PC crowd.

    Come on, Hispanics, be proud of your heritage and quit thinking that we need to be guilty or sorry about our history.

    Sam Chavez



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“Ok Karen get a grip grow up”

Big Cheese

You sound ignorant.


I agree with u. This man right here is square minded and was probably raised that way u can’t teach an old dog tricks remember that

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