The proposed 33-mile 345kV transmission line project by Hunt Power, of Dallas, is a travesty and should be opposed. It will not benefit anyone in New Mexico, instead it will lower our home values, dramatic and wild landscapes, rural communities and natural and cultural heritages. It will also negatively impact tourism and movie industries.

    The added electrical capacity is not needed here any time in the near future and the power is set to be sold out-of-state to the financial gain of Hunt Power, while we lose everything. Our homes and properties are at stake. We could lose from 15 to 50 percent of our homes’ values and possibly render our properties unsellable.

    The lines will go near a school, which is not only dangerous but may increase childhood leukemia rates two-fold. The route will cut a 150-foot right of way road though wild lands, with 130-foot double towers every 800 feet right through migratory bird routes and affect sensitive species. This is a social and environmental justice issue.

    Our low income and rural communities have been targeted, and Hunt Power has done nothing in its seven years of sneaking around, making closed door deals, to inform anyone who will be negatively impacted by this. Come to the public meeting from 5 to 8:30 p.m., Nov. 16 at the Hernandez Community Center. Make your voice heard. E-mail your comments to Bureau of Land Management by Dec. 5 at

    Mattie Allen


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