I (Mark Hice) am writing this letter in regard to the last letter to the editor from the inmates at Rio Arriba County Detention Center.

    There are six of us whose names were listed in that letter without our knowledge. Two people who were in our pod (B1), were Christopher Chacon and Eric Herrera, had been released prior to the time the letter was sent.

    The allegations in that letter were lowdown, dirty and disrespectful. I must say Timmy helps us all out a lot here. He gets things done for us that even our families out there cannot do. He is a good guy and he did not deserve those lies nor disrespect. They treat us better here than in any other facility in New Mexico.

    Michael Rivas, Randy Romero, Jonathan Avila and myself were all housed in B1 and did not have any knowledge of that letter, nor did we sign it. The letter was obviously written by someone who doesn’t get what they want in this jail, so they write rude, mean and disrespectful comments to try to make others look bad. I do not know who wrote that letter, but that’s what it sounds like to us.

    We would all like to be excluded from that letter. Sorry for the lies and disrespect to those who were named in that letter. They are innocent people and did not deserve to be called out like that.

    People (the previous letter writers) need to grow up.

    Mark Hice Jr.

    Randy Romero

    Jonathan Avila

    (Michael Rivas was unavailable to sign)

    (Editor’s note: It is not possible to verify signatures on letters coming out of Rio Arriba County Jail, including these. We can state Jonathan Avila did not sign the Sept. 1 letter, published three weeks ago and two of the people who signed the Sept. 1 letter spelled their own names wrong. Also in the Sept. 1 letter three signers, including Mark Hice, signed with a circle for the dot on the “I”, a rather distinct act of penmanship.)

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