The Family Dollar store in Alcalde is closing. I asked the clerk why. Was it because the Dollar General down the street? No, the answer was theft, pure and simple.

    This needs to be said. The truth is there are people in our community who would rather steal for a living, (and some of you know who they are!) than to go out and work to support their families.

    You know, the majority of us get up in the morning five or six days a week, rain or shine, cold or hot, and work hard. However, there is a minority group in this area, that thumb their noses at the judicial system, knowing that if they get caught, they are going to get some kind of “diversion program” break and be right back out there doing the same thing again.

    Now who pays for this? You and I. When a well known thief, who has been “Trespassed” before, walks into a store carrying a flat bag and walks out with that same bag filled with stolen stuff, laughs in the store clerk’s face and walks away, who pays? We do, the people who work for a living and pay our bills.

    Now we are losing a store that served a real need and yet “we” are to be understanding of “those” who don’t won’t to work or contribute anything positive.

    It’s bad enough we can’t keep a good police chief, now this.

    Calvin Smith


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Hot rod lincoln

To the "journalist" who wrote this article.... You really should check your facts. Your story is bogus. "Theft" did not cause this location to close. Lack of foot traffic and low revenue caused this location to close. Also, that and a corporate buy out and rebranding from a parent company. If you would like some facts, I would be happy to share that information with you.... You can also find it online. Please reference Dollar Tree aquasition of Family Dollar 2018. Until then, please stop reporting false information and causing hype in our community.(Editor's note: a journalist did not write this. It is a letter to the editor, written by a reader, under the heading "Letters/Op Ed." Letters and columns are opinions. If I corrected every letter and column submitted, many people wouldn't recognize them when they're printed. Just as in this case I don't know if the information you posted is accurate. You are making a comment, that's your opinion. I don't care to check your "facts.")

(Edited by staff.)

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