I support House Bill 366, which restricts traps, snares and poisons on public land.

    The Animal Damage Control killed one million animals a year with cyanide darts that shot into wild animals indiscriminately.

    The search and rescue workers have to work in the dark with their dogs. The traps are buried on public parks.

    In New Mexico 40,000 animal furs are sold on the world market annually, in a one billion dollar industry. It is legal to traffic furs. New Mexico has few environmental laws, and trappers from out of state take advantage of this.

    Traps are cruel and indiscriminately catch endangered spotted skunks and gray wolves. Bobcats are targeted in New Mexico and are being wiped out. Five species of wolf were eliminated in the state.

    There were no wolves left until they were reintroduced in Yellowstone. In New Mexico the gray wolf was down to nine animals. Ninety percent of trees and wild lands are gone. Ninety percent of all wild animals may be extinct soon, due to climate change and humans.

    I am not against humans hunting for their families, but I am against using animals as a commodity. By 1900 most fur bearing species had been wiped out. Only due to conservation back then do we even have any animals to hunt.

    In China they practically wiped out the fly.

    Sustainability is the goal for all life. The web of life and modern wildlife biologists are part of the process. Help stop this. Call and support HB366.

    Anhara Lovato


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