It has come to my attention that North Central Solid Waste Authority is debating whether to purchase a replacement incinerator or a industrial chipper to dispose of “green” solid waste, such as branches, leaves, clippings and similar materials.

    It has long been the local practice to burn these materials resulting in ash which is unsafe to place in an unlined landfill.

    However, a chipper could be used to create a large amount of mulch. This mulch could be offered to the community, based on availability, for free or nominal fee.

    Our neighbor to the south (Santa Fe) does just this. The mulch can easily be used to promote water absorption/retention in our gardens, fertilize the soil, and save on irrigation usage.

    While our state and national governments are emphasizing waste reduction, recycling, reduction of energy usage and decreasing air pollution, this change to an environmentally friendly option seems logical.

    Please consider writing the Board of Directors of North Central Solid Waste Authority. Email may not be an option.

    Buzz C. Daniel-Toy


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