The root cause of problems that many customers, that is corporation shareholders, experience with the Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative and its Board of Trustees is the continued complete disregard by the Trustees of the concerns and needs of the corporation’s shareholders.

    Granted there are some Trustees who are sincerely concerned with the needs and complaints of their shareholders/constituents. On the other hand, it seems the Board’s leadership has convinced the majority of the “other” Trustees to discount, maybe ignore is a better word, the concerns and opinions of the corporation’s shareholders.

    Sure, these “other” Trustees have the wherewithal to be sympathetic to the concerns of the corporation shareholders but they don’t. In a competitive market, this type of behavior eventually leads to bankruptcy, when the customers are ignored, thereby causing customers to seek other companies for their service.

    However, in the case of Jemez Co-op, there are no other utility companies to compete with Jemez, especially in the area of Northern New Mexico. This forces many residents to use Jemez, a “monopolistic utility.”

    If you are interested in getting this situation changed, please vote in the upcoming election scheduled this June.

    David Neal

    Santa Fe

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