Voter, please stop. Where is your line? Do you have a line? Have any of these recent events in our community crossed your line? What in the world could make you use your voice in a better way?

    You have elected many school boards that have done absolutely nothing to improve our children’s education and have no plans on doing so. You have elected an electric cooperative board that is so divided and secretive, it is dysfunctional. You have elected a rerun sheriff who thinks it is a good idea to hire people for our Sheriff’s Office, whom other sheriffs easily knew to not hire.

    This county’s employees’ depth of reason for dealing with a smart mouth teenager goes as far as a Taser will reach. His bullying and bravado will now cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of our dollars.

    You have elected a senator who is drunk on our roads injuring the citizens he is supposed to work for. He is clueless to the damage he has done to us on a national level.

    These elected officials represent us as a community and make us all look like uneducated fools. You wonder why we have so many problems in our community?

    These are the people you have chosen to lead us, to be examples to our children, to represent us to the rest of the world.

    How are they doing? Where is your line?

    James A. Trapp


    (Editor’s note: Mr. Trapp is the publisher’s brother.)

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I for once agree with the editor. What is the common denominator with all of these elected officials? The truth is that the vast majority are Democrats. Elected by those people who drink the Democrat kool-aid. I was once a Kennedy-Democrat who grew up in a wonderful northern NM town. Rich with respect, morals, and tradition. Unfortunately all of that has been wiped out by the corruption-fueled modern era Dems. They have no moral "LINE" to stand behind.


NM conservative the problem is not democrat or republican! The moral compass is horrible on both sides of the aisle! We have the worst president ever! He has used your logic to divide us! Once he divided us by parties, by color trump and his rich millionaure and billionaire friends have made themselves richer and the rest of poorer! We need to elect individuals and no beholden to a party!

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