The Board of Directors of North Central Solid Waste Authority is scheduled to meet on July 28 to appoint interim General Manager Janet Saucedo to continue in the role. 

Saucedo moved into the role last October in interim capacity after former general manager Peter Fuller left, the SUN reported. The Authority advertised the open position through last November and received three applicants.

The board will vote to approve a one-year employment contract for Saucedo that includes an annual salary of $87,000 and a standard benefits package. 

The contract also stipulates that Saucedo “shall be entitled to a severance payment in the amount of 3 months salary if the Board terminates the Manger (sic) from employment with North Central Solid Waste Authority for just cause. This includes but is not limited to: willful violation of state or federal law; failure to work; willful violations of Authority policy and procedure; malicious conduct or other similar behavior.” 

The agreement provides for the board to perform an annual performance review of Saucedo toward the end of the term, June 30, 2023, at which time it will vote whether to renew the contract. 

The board will also vote on July 28 to hire an auditor for the Authority, deliberating between Beasley, Mitchell & Co. of Las Cruces and De’Aun Willoughby of Clovis. The Authority is required to receive a financial audit each year, according to the joint powers agreement between the entities that created it. 

The July 28 meeting was rescheduled from the previous week, which was advertised to the public incorrectly as occurring on “Thursday, July 22, 2022.” 

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